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One of your kids just got his license and the other is coming back from college to live at home. Where are you going to fit these extra cars? Simple – add an extra parking space to your existing driveway. Driveway extensions involve excavating about 10” of grass and soil to ensure a strong base to hold your vehicles. In most cases, we will use a mini excavator to remove the soil. Once the proper depth is reached, we install 6” of modified stone. Over the stone, 2” of a base course asphalt is installed. Over the base course, another 2” layer of a finish course asphalt is installed. Each layer is compacted with a vibratory plate or roller before installing the next.

The driveway extension will stand out because you will have a brand new section of asphalt next to your  older existing driveway and there will be a seam between them. The new material and color will not perfectly match even after sealcoating.  You may also extend your driveway, then repave all of the existing and new areas so that the extension is not visible. This will achieve the look of a totally brand new, seamless driveway.

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