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Lifetime Driveway Maintenance Plan

Extend the life and maximize the durability of your driveway with our Annual Maintenance Plan.

Sealcoating and crack-filling is an excellent, cost-effective way to keep your driveway looking fresh and protected.
However, routine maintenance is key. Sealcoat may last on the surface for 2-3 years, but cracks will reopen at an even quicker rate.

A scheduled plan should be implemented by every homeowner who seeks to protect and beautify their property.

 What Are The Benefits?

  • Lock in your quoted driveway sealcoat price for life.*
  • Get your cracks filled every year.**
  • Receive 10% off any asphalt repairs or driveway extensions.
  • Receive $500.00 off a new driveway installation.
  • Automated and priority scheduling (we’ll contact you).
  • Fewer, less costly repairs – because you’re keeping up with maintenance.
  • Transferable to new home. Opt out at anytime.

*Locked in sealcoat price is valid during the term of the service contract.  If the contract is canceled or moved to a different home, the sealcoat price is subject to change.

**This plan includes filling up to 150 linear feet of cracks. If your driveway has more cracks, a custom price will be provided.

How Does It Work?

A sealcoating and crack filling estimate will be provided to you upon request. For optimal results, we recommend selling your driveway every (2) or (3) years.

Rather than waiting those 2 or 3 years and having to remember to call us back, we are able to schedule this routine maintenance in advance so you don’t have to worry about it. Plus, you receive additional protection by crack filling before each winter! That means at least once a year, we’ll be on site.

The price of the sealcoating service will not increase – despite potential increases in our labor/material costs.

On the “off-years” (or the years that the driveway is not sealcoated), you will only pay $96.00 or $120.00 to receive all benefits, including your inspection and crack filling service.

The chart below demonstrates a payment structure over 4 years with an EXAMPLE sealcoat price of $500.00.

2-Year Plan$500.00$96.00$500.00$96.00
3-Year Plan$500.00$120.00$120.00$500.00