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Every asphalt driveway will reach a point to which it needs to be replaced, or resurfaced with a new layer of asphalt. Residential paving can refer to either 1) an “overlay” or 2) a “remove and replace” (“R&R”).

An overlay is when a new layer of asphalt, approximately 2” thick, is installed on top of the existing driveway. This is cost-efficient option for repairing surface damage such as small cracks, minor ruts/depressions, some water damage, potholes, and so on.

Once the asphalt and its sub base has deteriorated significantly, an overlay is no longer feasible and a complete R&R will be recommended. This process entails exactly what it sounds like – digging up and replacing the entire driveway with (2) new layers of asphalt – a base course and a finish course.

Our estimators will provide the most cost-effective, structurally appropriate quote. If you like options, just ask! We’re happy to walk you through.

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