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What is it?

Sealcoating is the process of applying a protective black coating to asphalt pavements in order to preserve its structural integrity and enhance its appearance. Asphalt itself is a mixture of aggregates (stone, sand, gravel) and a liquid binder that holds it together. Each day, asphalt is exposed to elements that cause deterioration, cracking, and more. Sealcoat acts as a shield to protect from these elements and can extend, and even double the life of your driveway.


What isn’t it?

Sealcoating is not a structural repair that will completely restore damaged asphalt back to its original state. One sealcoat application will not “fix” a driveway indefinitely. There are aesthetic benefits to sealcoating, but also many limitations. Sealcoat will make your driveway black, but will not “smooth out” rough areas or make cracks disappear.


What elements affect my driveway?

  • Traffic flow of vehicles wears asphalt
  • UV rays contribute to the oxidation (drying out) of asphalt
  • Trailers, machinery, or heavy objects can scrape or cause indentations in the asphalt
  • Water runoff or settlement causes erosion
  • Winter conditions such as:
    • Salt – deteriorates asphalt on the surface
    • Freeze/Thaw cycles – water intruding in cracks and expanding
    • Snow plows, snow blowers, and shovels can scrape driveway surface


How is it applied?

Unless otherwise requested, we hand-brush every driveway using a 3’ wide broom with bristles. A brush application is proven to last longer and will provide consistent coverage each time. Plus, you won’t see black overspray in your grass. For residential driveways, brushing is always the way to go.

Specs: We use commercial grade SealMaster pavement sealer with 3 lbs./gallon of silica sand and 4% latex hardener.


Is thicker sealer better?

When it comes to the application of sealer, thicker is not better. Thick coats don’t cure evenly, are prone to tracking and can lead to surface cracks. A thicker coat takes longer to cure, which can lead to degradation and will reduce the life of your sealcoating project.

A sure sign of a driveway that has been over-sealed is a driveway without texture. An asphalt driveway should not look smooth like concrete, the asphalt texture should be visible. Applying a thick layer of sealer will not provide more protection.

Sealer manufacturers set specific mix designs for their product; when you stray from these specifications, the product will not perform as intended.

Avoid the typical more is better thinking —with sealer, thicker is not better.


Why Choose Maintain It All?

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But that is NOT why you should choose us!

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